Welcome to the EPICOH Scientific Committee on Epidemiology of Occupational Hygiene

  EPICOH, short for Epidemiology in Occupational Health, is a leading international research group focusing on the study of the effects of work on health. Our primary goal is to promote, coordinate and improve scientific research on issues related to epidemiology in occupational hygiene.

  Our vision is to create healthier workplaces around the world, where every worker is protected from work-related health risks. We make sure that all workplaces are safe and promote the well-being and health of workers.

   Our Activities

  We emphasize the importance of conducting scientific epidemiological studies to help identify and understand health risks in the workplace. Our activities include:

  •  International Cooperation: We collaborate with scientific institutions, government agencies and international organizations around the world to develop and implement the latest research in occupational hygiene epidemiology.

  •  Knowledge and Education: We provide the latest information and research on occupational hygiene epidemiology for researchers, public health professionals, employers and employees.

   Our Community

  We are a diverse community of scientists and practitioners from around the world who work together to advance and promote epidemiological research in occupational hygiene. On our site you will find information about our members, our activities, and the latest news and events related to our work.

   Join us!

  We invite all interested researchers and practitioners to join our EPICOH Scientific Committee. If you are a researcher, student, health professional or employer and want to contribute to creating healthier workplaces, we welcome you to our community!


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